Simply Complicated

Life is Simple as you see
What you feel is what will be
Rich who throw the money by
Poor who from the hunger die
Complicated in my eyes
Life is Simply Complicated
Totally over rated
You feel like you’re sedated
The end will be ill fated


We can all agree that life has become really complicated or is it just the way we’ve become that makes us see it so?, Do our feelings, premonitions towards something & our first impressions do they really effect our judgment that much as to alter the outcome or is it all predetermined due to fate circumstances & what not ?

Started this group to try to make life a bit more Simple & may be in the process we’ll turn away from all the things that make us as humans complex & reach a better understanding of ourselves 🙂!/group.php?gid=155550341127958&v=wall&ref=ts

I think all the conventional ways have been tried so this is me being loose, non conventional & eager to try anything to make it work 🙂

I need all the feedback  I can get on any topic we can find, I’m here listening to what ever you have to say, whatever is bothering you 🙂

Two heads are better than one & the more the merrier 🙂


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