What I’ll be

Sorry is not the kind of word
You say when you haven’t even
Realized what is your own mistake
Treasuring the moments of your life
The endless blame you worry far too much
Of all the challenges you hate
They memories flooding
Drowning you in shame
Whatever was this life about?
Another silly game?
Or may be an illusion that makes us
Want to pray
So what kind of prayer would you say?
When you’ve lost your emotions
You’re dreading this dream
What kind of mascaraed must you play ?
The notion of being alive scares the shit out of me
It’s only the right to breath
The right to believe
The one thing I’ve lost
The Truth I must be
But what is the truth?
Something we say
When we want to be right
To bury the blame
The cost of the poison running in our veins
The tender devotion that presses against our shame
The easiest of all is to deny
I’ll go back again to play
The child within so eager to win
You murder me here & him once again
The water we dive in
The secret of my sin
A part of what you know
The edge of nothing
I wake from the dream
Tears falling I scream
This is who you are
It’s not what I’ll be


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