what if death

what if death were what is life?
I wanna reach to paradise
I wanna close both my eyes
In life we live to try
Whats a dream of an endless dawn ?
The never ending purest one


you’re sorry

whatever i had to wonder
whatever u had to say
Is this what you call thunder
coz i just call it pain

& every day
I look in the sky
close both my eyes
tear my heart out
forgive me is what  I pray

the other side of the story
no guts = no glory
we live our lives only to worry
then again
We slip in ignorance & blend
with them with them
I guess i should’ve said it
There & then
I break
Every promise I ever made
In my sleep
Too weak
It wasn’t me who said those words
That day

forever is just a moment
the price for life atonement
The desert spreads ahead
Yet I still lie in bed

In pain
In Blame
Your every lie is here safe
With me
You’re free

To cry your eyes out & say

You’re sorry

I miss you

If the speed of my words
Tells you I hurt
Then the tears in my eyes
Show you its worse
The rivers inside
waiting to rise
Worse than a billion
Crashing tides

The moment you left
My ears just turned deaf
The lips that were moving
To me with no breath

Astounded by reality
Logic just left
& what was with me
Was crazy instead

The things that I knew
Were no longer so
Be it a fact
Or fiction not true

Neither did I stop
Nor decide where to go
Where the road would take
Surely I don’t know

Ever since then
I’m just make pretend
A shadow of who I was
Much less than a man

Waiting to be with you
To talk once again

If ever there be a moment
That I call atonement

Would be when you left me
With your wisdom
I now know it

To grow is be old
Be old  as the cold
The cold that you hold
You hold deep inside
As the truth may unfold

To learn what is there
What is there is care
We care as so hurt
Then we hurt a lot worse

To shield those who need
Need those who bleed
Bleed for the cause
Then the cause is defeat

Sitting roadside
fact, fiction, lies
All that is true
I miss you each day

Being Me

A message to Earth
I’m stranded on a space station
A thousand miles
From you
Whatever counts as creation
Bursting stars?
Rising nations?
A juvenile mistake?
A question mark
What is love & hate?
My life revolves around you
But I can’t see a single chance
For me

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Being Me

Counter strike
A magic wand?
Presented by aliens in disguise
A shade of pink within
My black & greyish life
If modern science failed
To unravel the mystery of
Everything I feel within
My chest
The pain

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Being Me

A word of advice
The alien leaned & whispered
In my ears
The magic mixture
Then everything changed
Every single door opened for me
I thought it was nice
Little did I know
Yes everything has a price

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Stopping being Me

You’ll get what you want
The shiny cars
The chicks the bars
The whole nine yards
But it aches in the heart
Happiness drifts away
You understand what you gave up
Was more precious than
Anything you’ll ever see

My only sin was
Stopping being Me
My only sin was
Stopping being Me


Evidently pain
Makes us wanna

Of a world
Where each


Every thing
Would never be
The same

Repulsive is
The game
Haunting us

The faults
We can’t

We tolerate
Until we break

Saddened by
The hardened

In your watery

That may

Towards me