Worries & troubles
I look not for others
The side of my mind
This time I’m not right
Fear of defeat
Hold on to faith
May be we struggle
Our fight?
With each other

So what if a dream
Be not a scene
Of what we have
But what could have been?

If & why
Buy me some time
To do what I can
To undo my sin


The Coldest Cold

The coldest cold
The one too old
Dare speak no word
Lest the truth unfold

Before the fall

Close your eyes
Take a deep breath
1 2 3
Now jump
No ?
You didn’t even realize I pushed you out of the plane when you closed your eyes, did you?

Pathetic . . .

Being Me

A message to Earth
I’m stranded on a space station
A thousand miles
From you
Whatever counts as creation
Bursting stars?
Rising nations?
A juvenile mistake?
A question mark
What is love & hate?
My life revolves around you
But I can’t see a single chance
For me

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Being Me

Counter strike
A magic wand?
Presented by aliens in disguise
A shade of pink within
My black & greyish life
If modern science failed
To unravel the mystery of
Everything I feel within
My chest
The pain

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Being Me

A word of advice
The alien leaned & whispered
In my ears
The magic mixture
Then everything changed
Every single door opened for me
I thought it was nice
Little did I know
Yes everything has a price

What if everything were just the same?
My only sin was
Stopping being Me

You’ll get what you want
The shiny cars
The chicks the bars
The whole nine yards
But it aches in the heart
Happiness drifts away
You understand what you gave up
Was more precious than
Anything you’ll ever see

My only sin was
Stopping being Me
My only sin was
Stopping being Me


Evidently pain
Makes us wanna

Of a world
Where each


Every thing
Would never be
The same

Repulsive is
The game
Haunting us

The faults
We can’t

We tolerate
Until we break

Saddened by
The hardened

In your watery

That may

Towards me