Hold on tight

It’s a dream of a
An eternal dance of
Laugh & cry
A whisper that
unravels the mind
& through it all you
Hold on tight


I’ll be

As I look in your eyes
I stare deep within
Asleep yet awake
In slumber
Its tender
Under your spell
I enter
As you cast your charm
The world turns
Melting the ice encasing me
Released after eons
Here is where I wanna be

If ever there be a time
If ever there be a place
Where I wanna lose myself
I’d say
Let this be the time
Let this be the place

Forever in this moment

Entranced as I chase

I’ll be the wind on your face
Playing through your hair
Blow your fears away

I’ll be the one you embrace
When the world falls around you
Run back straight to me

Don’t leave my sight

I’d cross the sky
I’d raid the castle
I’d meet the demon
That I must battle

I’d whither in a stormy shade
Of selfless pity
All man-made
I’d crumble then I’d linger
I’d sit down as I tingle

To finally
Hear your voice
To stay with you
That would be my choice

If ever there would be a way
To undo what I’d done
The shame
A thousand ways to go back home
But you’re not there
You are gone

If my worst enemy
Be me
The cards I’m dealt
Won’t win this game
The stakes were just too high this time
I’ve lost it all
Don’t leave my side

Not our Souls

do I need to know?
where I must go
where nothing is as I
Had in my mind
The only sky above my head
Is the one with you in bed
far beyond the side
Waiting for me to come home
Had I known
Nothing seems to be the same
As everything I’ve through is just
Parts of a whole
We claim we control
Yet when it all just
Spins of control
Its a the logic that fails us
Not our souls
Not ur souls’

Closer to the Edge

Every step you take


Every single day


Closer to the edge

I know

Every time you pray


Look into the paper

May be

You don’t have to wake

No more

Closer to the Edge

I know

How does it feel ?

How does it feel ?

when you’ve failed again

Draw a smile on your face

Laugh & pretend

Control every gesture

Hide don’t dare shake

The tone of your voice

Make no mistake

How does it feel?

When the madness subsides

The thoughts start to clear

& tears fill your eyes

Guilty as charged

or a victim of pride

Live on your life

But you’ll pay the price

How does it feel?

When all is just gone

Not even a thread

Of hope to hang on


Lower lip torn

Head in the dirt

Shouts in my ear

“Did you really think it would be that easy?”

The last thing I remember is her face

Those tears

I just can’t shake it

The words coming out of her mouth

What was it again ?

I feel like there is something I’m missing here

“You really did a number on us”

Again with that blabber mouth

“But did you really think you’d succeed?”

Feels like two thugs binding me

One pulling my hair to keep my head up

“No one has ever escaped & we intend to keep it that way”

I manage to spit the blood blocking my throat

& murmur “ye”


My throat is clearer now

so I muster a smirk & say


“No one has ever escaped yet”