Prelude: BE -Y- ON

Patted on the shoulder

The boy raised his head without looking back

He didn’t need to

He knew all too well who was standing behind him

“Is it time?”

The wordsΒ  whispered while taking a deep breath


The answer came as no surprise

He had been preparing for this moment his whole life

“It had to be you?, didn’t it?”

Silence filled the room the boy expected no answer

“It doesn’t have to be like this”

“You don’t have to play by their rules”

Biting his lower lip, the words choked in his throat

“You know I thought I’d be OK with this. I thought I was ready”

The figure replied

“Nobody ever is”

The boy lashed out

“We can beat this I know we can”

The reply came in a gentle tone

” Such is youth”

As the footsteps echoed so did the words


Revolution 101: The Rules by which I Run

Since we’re going through a revolution here are the rules by which I run

0- If you can’t save yourself you can’t save anyone

Explanation: If you’re dead every person you could have saved is as well, if you’re in it to save lives.
Granted When your time comes it’ll come. But don’t just throw it. Your life is priceless & that should have as
much effect if not more of an atomic bomb on your enemies. Because it will on your allies.

1-Live to die another day.

Explanation: We’re all gonna die one day. But it doesn’t have to be the same day someone has to stay alive to ensure that those who died didn’t die in vain to carry on their will & make sure they rest in peace.

2- Plan, Anticipate, elaborate, calculate, recalculate , then simulate. Finally, don’t depend on anything going the way you planned it.

Explanation : Be as prepared as you can but know that shit happens.

3- You are the source you can make everything better or worse.

Explanation: Never underestimate the power of 1 , never underestimate yourself, don’t let anyone decide what you can or can’t do. The answer to that lies within you. You are a human being , a wonder, the most sophisticated creation. Wthin you lies the potentiality to change the world all you have to do is pursue it.

4- Insanity is just a way to become what you want to be.

Explanation: Go crazy on their ass. Sometimes being logical can only stand as a final barrier between you and your goals.

5- Assumption is the mother of all screwups

Explanation: Taken not mine but true. What you think is happening & what really is happening are two different things.
Always account for the possibility that either you don’t get them or they don’t you & let time tell the answer.

6- If its the time to fight , Don’t listen when they ask you to wait.

Explanation: You’re in a war , you stop to listen to what your opposition has to say?? Really? How naive are you?. Momentum is part of the drive you don’t stop a car & expect you can restart it at any time not with the cops blocking the road or a tank. Sometimes your own mind gets in the way shut it down & let your instincts take center fold.

7- There’s a point of no return when the first body falls.

Explanation : People are already dead & you think you’re having it hard ??? wake up.

8- People are dead & nothing anybody says or does will bring them back.

Explanation: Its self explanatory. Pray for the dead & respect that they did what we can’t. They did it for me & you. You ungrateful *****.

9- Never forgive, Never forget.

Explanation: Its the jews/israeli motto but in war it must be used if you lose your drive , if you forget why you’re fighting you’ve already lost.

10- See it through till its through.

Explanation: There is no time limit this is a life time mission, its not a weekend thing, not the latest fashion style, not hip.
If you’re not dedicated don’t start it people will die, if you don’t get it right they will hit you harder & it’ll only get worse & All sacrifices made will be in vain.

You wanna see a revolution go bad watch “Brave Heart” thats what you get when it doesn’t work out.

“We Live by the rules, we die by the rules ” quote from “The Skulls”

I’m not sure if & how long I’ll live so I thought I’d write it for others may be it can help. & If I’m not here please see my will through.

Friday the 28th: How I became a criminal?

I know you’re saying it started on the 25th of january a day in history no one will ever forget. But for me I had work on that day albeit it was a national holiday but it was already decided months ago before the protestors decided it’d be the 1st day.

On the way home from work on the 6th of October bridge I could see police (Amn markazy ) on the bridge I’d followed the news on the net but I didn’t think it was this bad.

So what happened to the 26th & the 27th fever hit me I’d reached a 40 degree by the time I came around it was thursday the 27th around midnight I called my aunt ( my entire family isn’t here long story) she lives in the same building so she came took my temperature a fair 38 & pumped me up with meds & she kept telling me about what was happening I still couldn’t imagine.

Friday the 28th I woke up to the sound of protestors under my window the most thing that grabbed my attention was that most of them had their cell phones out & were taping the entire thing youtube has made us all camera men, blogs reporters, all for the better you can’t believe the press in this country but later on that. Tried to call my boss to tell him I wasn’t coming but dadandandan no signal tried to logon line but surprise surprise no line. Called TE data customer service the guy told me that they were facing (TECHNICAL ISSUES) & so was every provider in the country & mobile operator? yeah right!!. Since I knew he was lying I asked what kind of technical issue his reply “It hasn’t been specified yet”. This is a whole new ball game here the last time I asked for someone’s landline number was in 2005. who pulled the plug & why?.

After batch number 1 of protestors were gone all decent looking people alot of familiar faces & an actor among them, came batch number two the three with every batch the decent faces were getting less & less.

By night time I was able to go up to my aunt’s for some reason my decoder decided to commit suicide, what a piece of crap you’d think you’d at least work under these circumstances?. As a high tech net-oriented guy I never felt a need to open the TV the internet had it all for me but this only proved how much I relied on it. My cousins had already been telling alot of stuff but I had to see this with my own eyes.

The stuff on the news was beyond anything I’d ever expected (not the egyptian channels obviously they were talking about another country or space time continuum definitely not the here & now may be lala land , disneyland ,definitely not this land).

Apparently there were clashes between police & protestors, & they were only escalating. It looked really bad especially in Suez I don’t think we’ve heard anything about Suez for years obviously they had it really bad.

I was still pretty sick so I excused my self after I was updated on the situation & went to bed.


Thats what woke me up I live on a main street so I thought there was some sort of car accident pretty normal in Cairo but the screaming was right under my window, I put on an ice cap took an iron bar & descended. All unfamiliar faces, Great!!!!, Both security guards no where to be found neither the ones next door. I look & the “Mobile Shop” under the building glass door was broken , awesome, immediately I suspect everybody especially two guys passing by saying that they saw a silver car throwing a stone at it. Yeah right. From a speeding car?? He should apply for the national handball team ? . A guy passing by told me that all the stores on Gamaat Al Dewal street were either robbed or in the process of being robbed told me his name said he was from Jordan been 12 years in Egypt & was on “Star Academy” Whats that??? I apologized & told him I don’t watch tv so if he were famous I wouldn’t know.. Where were the police? mmm, Time to find out. I had my wireless at hand dialled “122” the egyptian equivalent to “911” no answer again no answer, tried “140” (a number to ask for phone numbers) no answer ok this is getting creepy.

I decided to call my aunt 2 minutes & both my cousins were with me ok familiar faces thats good there were neighbors but this is bad someone has to have my back. I began to find out names of the neighbors a lady in our building & those in neighboring buildings. After a while the store security supervisor came on his motorcycle said he’d get a guard & be back in 15 minutes. After a while he came back with a guy looked fairly young 18 to 20 years , I left the matter in his hands & went back to sleep enough action for one night I’m still sick.


What the ….? Who died?

Don’t ever come back you sons of a ……

Thats what I heard as I jumped out of bed I recognized the voice our neighbor in the building.

I grabbed my Iron bar & a large kitchen knife & stormed out of the apartment. Reaching down the security guard looked really pale teary eyes, didn’t check whether his pants were wet or not but he was stuttering “Kkill mme tthey … sssaaiiiid” as I looked around I could only see our neighbors, Who threatened you?

The story went like this four Riff raffs snuck up on him & they gave him a multiple choice question “We wanna rob the store” so

a- You let us rob the store & we split the loot
b- You don’t let us rob the store & we kill you

Apparently he chose “b” what a poor chap so the argument moved to the method of execution till one of the just shouted “One bullet & its over why quarrel”. At that moment our neighbors heard the argument & swarmed the scene.

Ok so security guy was in no shape (nor did he have the ability) to carry on protecting the store they neither have the equipment , training or mindset for this. Most of the time the job is sit there all night.

So what are we suppose to do, silence & then a light bulb lit “Lets rob the place”

Why did you become a criminal?

Well obviously its my upbringing, poverty the social circumstances, the need , …etc. Thats what came to my mind & I tried to figure out what my reply would be to that question I’ve seen on a dozen prime time shows all over the world if the police were to walk in on me in the middle of the heist.

With my iron bar I broke the rest of the glass door ” WEEEEE WAAAAAAA” there goes that noisy alarm again, so what do we do now we searched for the power switch but I can see in the dark so no problem found the keys hanging in sequence very nice of them they put a sticker on every key set so we the burglars ( as in I & the young security guy) won’t go wasting time trying to open the show cases randomly.

All the while our neighbors were keeping watch for us, I went upstairs got a travel bag & started filling it up, it’d been half an hour with the alarm still on & not a soul in sight.

Bag#1 was full I put it upstairs & went back down with bag #2 a neighbor of mine found the power switch yeah that what I’m talking about in another 15 minutes the entire store was emptied, what I couldn’t carry I put in the closets that were full of papers, psychologically whoever entered this store wouldn’t take a second looked its empty to his eyes while the closets still closed safely had the rest of the stuff. I got suggestions to dismantle the LCD from the wall come one guys I won’t go that far.

I opened the cashier drawer 480 LE in there, put the rest of the keys there & closed it while putting the master key in my pocket.

We closed the light asked the security guard to sleep inside & I went upstairs & fell from exhaustion @4:30 AM. Praying nothing else would happen. This operation went so smooth I’m thinking about a career change , I’m wondering how I can add this kind of experience to my CV.?

My advice to any novice aspiring criminal:

1- Always have someone watching the road
2- In & out as fast as you can
3- If there is a riot, protest ,…etc. Don’t worry they want you to steal.
4- Shop owners = showy. Take that advantage , why else would they make the doors out of glass with no iron shield??
5- Alarms mean squat if mobile phones are down.
6- Security guards aren’t paid enough to risk their lives.
7- Study well the scene of the crime & use its surroundings to your advantage.
8- Security guards aren’t trained well enough to take you out if you’re organized.( One against many = instant win)
9- Police don’t care if you steal their job isn’t to stop crime its to catch criminals without you they’d be out of a job.
10- If i can do it so can you.

There’s a criminal in all of us just let out your inner criminal. let him lead you.

What happened to the stuff I stole ???


Well that happened on the 29th πŸ˜‰

My 1st night in Al Sawy

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert in Sakiet Al Sawy.

You know that place under the bridge in Zamalek that holds concerts & cultural events, right? You don’t? Get out of here, You sure you live in Cairo? What? Yeah it was my first time, so? Ok you got a point there.

Anyway it was a first time for me & a close friend was playing with his band there for the first time so I just found myself there. Up till that point I’d ignored the musical scene in Egypt & rendered it none existent while getting my musical fix off You-tube mostly πŸ™‚

The place is ok although I think with this location it can use a bit of work to turn it into a spectacular cultural extravaganza on the Nile ( I know it already is but it can be better). While I was there a friend told me that it was originally a ” garbage dumpster” till someone suggested they clean it up & turn it into what it is today so I suppose his name is “Abd El Moneim El Sawy” & the place takes its name after him.

Then the concert started

All the songs played were cover songs to originals I’d heard before except one I’d never heard which was “45 by Shinedown”.

A beautiful song none the less I liked the version I heard in the concert better than the original. There were really talented people there, several vocalists with a really wide range not to say that the equipment/sound systems weren’t the best ( This is a live ) not a studio mix.

So any who I decided to put both songs here & leave it to your judgment

Original version by Shinedown:

Version by BTW & Guest vocalist Samy Sayed:

Another Up of the evening was a cover of Brian Adam’s “Heaven” By BTW & Guest vocalist Hany Mustafa -Lisa Shawky-Violin

You can find the rest of the concert here if you’re interested

But I was quite surprised at the number of talented people I got to see at one place whereas they all play for other bands they didn’t mind helping out with a song as most of the songs had guest vocalists, drummer, violin, bass..etc.

Which ultimately contributed to a really nice melange of crowd with band πŸ™‚

All in all I think the crowd had fun which is the most important thing πŸ˜‰

& Me ? Well this might have been my first night in Sakiet Al sawy but I’m definitely going back again sooner rather than later πŸ˜‰


Ok couldn’t resist it πŸ™‚

In every relationship coming to an end there’s the one leaving while the other staying.

The one still emotionally involved while the other has..

I’ll just leave you to the song its far better than anything I’ll have to say on the matter

WARNING: This song is highly addictive,
Not for the weak hearted
Not those who have suffered from recent breakups

The Kingdom of Rest

Imagine your self standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus to pass by. That bus has no schedule, neither is there a specific manual as to how you can reach to where you wanna go.

This bus is your salvation, your only ticket out of where you are. With every moment passing by that place keeps getting awkward, you start losing your senses one by one, may be first your ability to comprehend, then speech after that listening , ..etc.

Till at last you’re rendered absolutely helpless, completely frustrated as you begin to realize that bus just might not pass by.

We take everything we have for granted whereas its a grant & a gift that should be cherished, every single thing eyes, ears, ..etc, even sleep.

If you’re one of those who lurk the night, ever so awake, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve come to notice that people view sleep as a given where as since my early memories its engraved in my mind as a precious diamond that I’ve been forever searching for.

Ever magical, ever eluding, extremely well hidden lies the key to the kingdom of rest & no worries. Just put your head on the pillow & voila you’re there no effort needed. Just close your eyes & your guaranteed a way out of this harsh reality albeit only through the night.

Just Imagine

You finished one of the longest days of your life you’re dead tired & may be even sick you slip into your PJs & go to bed but you just can’t sleep for no reason what so ever.

How frustrated would you be?

Money , power, fame, ..etc. These are all common sources of envy but to someone who has Insomnia (i.e :Insomniac) a good night’s sleep is at the top of his list. For when everybody else is asleep you’re at the top of your game attentive, hyper & there’s no sign of sleep in sight.

Its an endless loop you’ve been locked in for as early as you can remember, some say its a curse others an abnormality but certainly it can make you feel helpless when you’re deprived of one of your most simple needs.

As for me?

I’m still on my quest searching for the key to the kingdom of rest.

Dedicated to an avid Insomiac may Mr.Sleep find his way to your door one day πŸ™‚

We spend all of our lives going out of our minds

Yeah as usual I’m inspired by a song but I’m not saying its name till the end this time.

So why do we allow the madness to creep in , day after day till we find ourselves on the edge one day?
Simply put we demand too much, humans are melodramatic creatures & most are cry babies who make life into a pathetic drama if it doesn’t give them what they want & they might cry out like a baby if things don’t go their way.

On one side , you find who people just can’t forget the past “the golden age” the good old days when everything was ok & (eldonia kanet lesa be7’eir) as they say in Egypt. Reminiscence & dwelling in the past whether that past was painful or poetic.

While on the other side, you see people so consumed by the future, asking questions like Where will the world be in 50 years? or How long will it take him to be a bizalionaire & spend all that money?,. I’m as obsessed with Planning, Risk analysis & mitigation as the next person but this is getting silly, How far ahead is planning ahead?, What if it all ends tomorrow by an unforeseen factor?

You get my point both sides are wasting their time in something that doesn’t exist, while in the middle of all that both sides seem to have forgotten about the present.

Now, this moment, this breath I’m taking right here this is the point at which I exist, this is where I can make a difference not 30 years ago & may be not 30 years in the future. This is the only certainty in the whole equation other than that its all speculation.

Hopefully, people will get that & learn that the past ended long ago, the future is something we still don’t know. So to you in the past “Please let go”, & to you looking towards the future ” you sure you’ll live till then bro?”.

Thats all I had to say this time, now go enjoy “They stood up for love” by live, read the lyrics carefully its part of the msg

Piano version with lyrics

Original rock version no lyrics with people jumping