The Knight & the Monk

This is a story about a knight & a monk

They’re traveling together silently for some time, until finally the knight says

“You live a life of poverty never knowing the touch of a woman, denying yourself all manner of delights .. all because you believe there is a God. I do not share your faith, so I tear the marrow from the bones of life, indulging myself at every opportunity I’ve broken every law created by man & church, & I fear no consequence, because I don’t believe in your God”.

“What if life ends in the ground, & man is nothing more than meat for worms. You will have wasted your entire life wasting yourself for nothing. What if you die & learn there is no God”

The monk thought about this & shrugged his shoulders, offering, ” Then I suppose I will be sad”. But tell me this sir…

“What happens when you die & you find out there is?”


The first time I read this story  was years ago &  it still  blows me away  although the story is about a christian monk & I’m not christian, I think it works for any faith.

We all have our beliefs but believing in nothing makes us do nothing, aspire to be nothing beyond our day to day lives & ambitions. I don’t think our lives should amount to nothing neither should our desires be everything.

Be it as it may some people say religion is for the poor an illusion made by their rulers to keep them patient & in check, others say religion is old fashioned, rigid  in the age of science, science rules , everything can be scientifically proven & explained..etc.

While by all means you can see the effect evident in the high suicide rates in developed countries, whereas people who live there have the  means to live a  life better than a child living in Africa suffering from cholera, famine,..etc.A high percentage chooses to commit suicide. The better the life the higher the suicide rates. Because they still feel empty , goalless & quite lost in life which leads them to just let it all go.  When everything you want is easy to get you lose purpose.

Common knowledge is that most religions forbid suicide which makes all the poor , hunger struck, below the line of acceptable living standards religious people  in third world countries fighting the day to day battle just to stay alive  never even consider the notion of   suicide as a ticket to put them out of their misery. It automatically condemns them to hell “as per their faith” whereas “they think  they’ve already seen that in their day to day lives so they’d like to try heaven for a change” :P.

As for me I won’t tell you what to do thats up to you but I’ll leave you to think about  what the monk said

“What happens when you die & you find out there is?”


3 thoughts on “The Knight & the Monk

  1. An atheist once told me, i will now for sure when i die. And i told him, it would be too late won’t it. He could not say anything. Another one told me that they admit they are short sighted. They just shrug off what happens after death. But to tell you the truth, some of them do not do like that knight. Some of them live for ethics, and not just desires. But still, they choose not to think of what happens after death.

    I would say, they are just foul planners!!

  2. The knight is the extreme case as is the monk like black & white. I believe people are capable of good but I think its laziness that makes them rule off religion.

    In the age of the internet you can read about anything from home, its that easy, no excuses anymore just take your pick. They can try to get to know anything up close after that :). But I think fear of change & the conformance to what to expect as well as habits make them content with what they know as opposed to what they don’t.

    The US 1 dollar bill has “In God we trust” on it so old religion ( Judism, Christianity & Islam) in this case most likely Christianity was part of the main structure as opposed to new emerging things like “Scientology” which seems like the new go to religion for prominent Hollywood stars these days. Publicity is power so if lets say Tom Cruise believes in Scientology then Scientology gains status as a hot hot topic for the media & donations from practitioners seems to be mandatory while its only recognized as a religion in the US. The UK , France & Germany haven’t recognized it as anything :).

    People should be a little bit smarter 😉

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