What I’ll be

Sorry is not the kind of word
You say when you haven’t even
Realized what is your own mistake
Treasuring the moments of your life
The endless blame you worry far too much
Of all the challenges you hate
They memories flooding
Drowning you in shame
Whatever was this life about?
Another silly game?
Or may be an illusion that makes us
Want to pray
So what kind of prayer would you say?
When you’ve lost your emotions
You’re dreading this dream
What kind of mascaraed must you play ?
The notion of being alive scares the shit out of me
It’s only the right to breath
The right to believe
The one thing I’ve lost
The Truth I must be
But what is the truth?
Something we say
When we want to be right
To bury the blame
The cost of the poison running in our veins
The tender devotion that presses against our shame
The easiest of all is to deny
I’ll go back again to play
The child within so eager to win
You murder me here & him once again
The water we dive in
The secret of my sin
A part of what you know
The edge of nothing
I wake from the dream
Tears falling I scream
This is who you are
It’s not what I’ll be


Have faith in me

When your heart just crumbles
Deep inside
With every step you stumble
To reach the sky
Your locked within
An eternal lie
Every word you’ve ever spoken
Led to this
Being broken
On your knees
Begging please
Just a step away
From defeat

Have faith in me
Have faith in me

When you’ve done everything
All you can as a man
But you put on the act
You aren’t bothered
Neither troubled
By those things
False pretense
Its killing you inside
On the edge
Its either do or die
Makes no sense
To keep on living this life

Have faith in me
Have faith in me

As a child cries on the street
A smile was there
Now there’s only screams
Cause his world ended on that day
Everyone he knew
Was swept away
Now the man with a rifle on his back
Is taking his revenge
Its as simple as that
Being chased by whoever
Running fast head for cover
Out of breath
He’ll join the others
May be  its his way out

Have Faith in me
Have faith in me

Only In Egypt:اليغير الاى كلام

بلدى الحبيبة مصر
لقد تفوقت على الجميع
فى اللا معقولزم
من حاره لحى لكمبوند
و اعلانات رمضان تشهد لك
لشباب زى الورد نايم على الرصيف
و بايت فى الحجز
يا ترا النهار ده
هنبات فين؟
من موظف مستنى اخر الشهر بفارغ الصبر
لناس متعرفش يعنى ايه ما فيش
من ناس بتقشر الكوسه فى الشغل
لناس ما تعرفش تشتغل من غيرها
و فى الاخر نقول عايزين
يتقال لنا منين؟
ولا فى اى حته تانية فى العالم
هتسمع و تشوف
زى بلد العجايب
تعالى و قرب يمكن تشوف
دمعة على خد مسكين
مش همة المنيمم كام
ولا البنزين ولا الدخان
مستنى بس حد يقوله
يشكيله همه
بلد الملايين و الالوف
بندور فيكى عالانسان
اليغير الاى كلام


But not everlasting
So how do we know what to change?
What to change it to?
When to change?
What do we do when we find out
That we need to change
The things we already changed
Change again?
What then?
Does it end?

If forever were real

If forever were real
Then its in how we feel
The way we look at life
Treat each other
Make everything better
Not bitter
But since forever aint real
In this life what we take
Are the prayers others make
After we’re long gone
In how we made them feel
In the wounds we helped heal

Fear of failure

Fear of failure
I’d say the epidemic of our age
It stops us in our tracks
Destroying our ability
And what are humans but
What they can dream
What they dream they believe
What they believe they accomplish
But if our fear kills our ability to dream
Then we’re left in the same lonely spot
We started at..
The ability to fail
Is the ability to learn
So go out there and fail
Then fail again
Then fail a bit more
But never fail the same way
For the same reason
And one day you’ll make your dream
Come true