Have faith in me

When your heart just crumbles
Deep inside
With every step you stumble
To reach the sky
Your locked within
An eternal lie
Every word you’ve ever spoken
Led to this
Being broken
On your knees
Begging please
Just a step away
From defeat

Have faith in me
Have faith in me

When you’ve done everything
All you can as a man
But you put on the act
You aren’t bothered
Neither troubled
By those things
False pretense
Its killing you inside
On the edge
Its either do or die
Makes no sense
To keep on living this life

Have faith in me
Have faith in me

As a child cries on the street
A smile was there
Now there’s only screams
Cause his world ended on that day
Everyone he knew
Was swept away
Now the man with a rifle on his back
Is taking his revenge
Its as simple as that
Being chased by whoever
Running fast head for cover
Out of breath
He’ll join the others
May be  its his way out

Have Faith in me
Have faith in me


Everything I Chose

There are no stars in the sky
No dreams left to see
There’s only one price to pay
When everything I chose
Is for me to never lose