If I

This is still incomplete its the intro of “Type Away” continuing in a second stream

If I ever seem inconsiderate
I don’t really mean to
I seem sometimes like that
When I don’t know what to do

If I ever seem uninhibited
May be thats the truth
Within whatever troubled lies
There’s another point of view


what if death

what if death were what is life?
I wanna reach to paradise
I wanna close both my eyes
In life we live to try
Whats a dream of an endless dawn ?
The never ending purest one

you’re sorry

whatever i had to wonder
whatever u had to say
Is this what you call thunder
coz i just call it pain

& every day
I look in the sky
close both my eyes
tear my heart out
forgive me is what  I pray

the other side of the story
no guts = no glory
we live our lives only to worry
then again
We slip in ignorance & blend
with them with them
I guess i should’ve said it
There & then
I break
Every promise I ever made
In my sleep
Too weak
It wasn’t me who said those words
That day

forever is just a moment
the price for life atonement
The desert spreads ahead
Yet I still lie in bed

In pain
In Blame
Your every lie is here safe
With me
You’re free

To cry your eyes out & say

You’re sorry