Don’t leave my sight

I’d cross the sky
I’d raid the castle
I’d meet the demon
That I must battle

I’d whither in a stormy shade
Of selfless pity
All man-made
I’d crumble then I’d linger
I’d sit down as I tingle

To finally
Hear your voice
To stay with you
That would be my choice

If ever there would be a way
To undo what I’d done
The shame
A thousand ways to go back home
But you’re not there
You are gone

If my worst enemy
Be me
The cards I’m dealt
Won’t win this game
The stakes were just too high this time
I’ve lost it all
Don’t leave my side


Not our Souls

do I need to know?
where I must go
where nothing is as I
Had in my mind
The only sky above my head
Is the one with you in bed
far beyond the side
Waiting for me to come home
Had I known
Nothing seems to be the same
As everything I’ve through is just
Parts of a whole
We claim we control
Yet when it all just
Spins of control
Its a the logic that fails us
Not our souls
Not ur souls’