The closer you come

The farther you are

A truth you can’t see

Within what is war

You breath & relax

Yet I know the depth

Of every word said

Constant attack


Run Away

He’s on to you

No time

To catch your breath

If he gets you

If he gets you

Worse than

Any of the other scenes

The memories in streams

Just end up drowning

Scene after scene

Forceful renegade
Endless voiceless baseless


You think?

Think Again

Breath so gently

He’s here

Isn’t he?


Run Away

He’s  on to you

This time

He’s faster & smarter

Than anything

You’ve seen

Back against a wall

Closing in

The life just crawls

Straight out of your veins

The chilly sensation engulfs you

As he stops

Your life


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