Prelude: BE -Y- ON

Patted on the shoulder

The boy raised his head without looking back

He didn’t need to

He knew all too well who was standing behind him

“Is it time?”

The words  whispered while taking a deep breath


The answer came as no surprise

He had been preparing for this moment his whole life

“It had to be you?, didn’t it?”

Silence filled the room the boy expected no answer

“It doesn’t have to be like this”

“You don’t have to play by their rules”

Biting his lower lip, the words choked in his throat

“You know I thought I’d be OK with this. I thought I was ready”

The figure replied

“Nobody ever is”

The boy lashed out

“We can beat this I know we can”

The reply came in a gentle tone

” Such is youth”

As the footsteps echoed so did the words


You don’t have to wait

The choices  you made

To drive me to hate

I summon all my fear

Push forward to the gate

A thousand years display

The end of you

Not me

Eternal is my pride

Ethereal as my blame

Consciousness fade away

Your every notion slays

The parts that may be

What ever is whats me

Mocking or meeting

Playing deceiving

Confront or escape

So what is your fate?

Being the darkness

That ends all light

I can be just that

You don’t have to wait

Alarming confusion

Patience seems moving

The mountains in skies

Far beyond me

The world is ending

My world?

Yours bending

To suit what you see

You can’t see whats me

If ever were never

Then I’m not so clever

For I be the same as

I was on that day

The circles seem twirling

Be it you or me


Straight to the ground

Crash and burn down

Mocking or meeting

Playing deceiving

Confront or escape

So what is your fate?

Being the light

That ends all the dark

I can be just that

You don’t have to wait

Not knowing









Dream in






The truth just spawns

A thousand stories

Not knowing which is right


The closer you come

The farther you are

A truth you can’t see

Within what is war

You breath & relax

Yet I know the depth

Of every word said

Constant attack


Run Away

He’s on to you

No time

To catch your breath

If he gets you

If he gets you

Worse than

Any of the other scenes

The memories in streams

Just end up drowning

Scene after scene

Forceful renegade
Endless voiceless baseless


You think?

Think Again

Breath so gently

He’s here

Isn’t he?


Run Away

He’s  on to you

This time

He’s faster & smarter

Than anything

You’ve seen

Back against a wall

Closing in

The life just crawls

Straight out of your veins

The chilly sensation engulfs you

As he stops

Your life


May May

I see

Your face

Your Faith

Is tested

Every instance

Of your life

The prize

Your pride?

To walk the distance

Ignoring a sea of lies

What is the wisdom in this ?

Just when I see you

You’re gone witha  twist

Believe it or not

Remembered Forgotten

Whichever dismay

Drive away Drive away

To the end of what may be


Twinkling stars

In faraway skies

who decides who lives

or who dies?

Misfits of dreams

Challangers of hate

I need you right now


What may I say

If I chose

Then I lose

All of me

Its a game of intrigue

May we chose who we meet

Lose again

Then go meet

Suddenly stable

Living & able

To worship what was

When what was is lost

The past is believeing

Befitting of leaving

I know what is off

The pause in it all

Believe it or not

You obviously forgot

Whichever dismay

Bleeding you pray

For the end of what may be


By Me


To never be found


To hit the ground

I was not around

When you needed me


Betrayed each day


Is what stayed

Could I have done anything

To change what is today

A wall

Built brick by brick

You drive your car

& thats what you  hit


Made by us


Only leads to loss

If I give you something

For free

Would you get the price paid


By me?