Just a Man

A star beyond this one
Space warp by
Comets run

A black hole in outer space
Pulling everything in
No faith

In the center of it all

He stands

Eyes closed

He knows

whatever happened here?

As my shuttle passes by

In the vacuum his screams pierce the sky

He can even fly
Up Up & Away
Though Super he may be

That don’t mean squat to me

Crush mountains with your bare hands
Break the light barrier
The boundaries of what we know

You’re just a man

That’s true

So plain glasses would do the trick

He don’t even wear a mask not slick

For a secret identity

Isn’t the BIG “S” a dead give away?

Would that fly if it were me?

Save the world time after time

But day to day life remains the same?

I don’t know what a hero is

But I assume its nothing like this

You can fly away
Leave us all behind
Any day

Change the course of the stars
Start & end all wars

But is that enough?

Just to act bad ass & tough

Try as you may

In the end

You’re just a man

At least to me


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