Free Fall

We build a wall
So high & so tall
To block the sun
In darkness eternal
Born in such a place

What be the meaning of your faith?

What do we chase?

Is this a race?

My energy has gone to waste

Free Fall
Free Fall

The worst is just
what is to all

Free Fall
Free Fall

No crash & burn
Just lose it all

Free Fall

The innocence
Born within
The depth of this
Its hit & miss
challenge what is you
In depth

What scares you the most?

The demon?
The devil ?
May be both?

What scares you the most?

To me the answer may be you

Free Fall
Free Fall

Close your eyes
Heads will roll

Free Fall
Free Fall

Where your heart should be
There is a hole

Free Fall

To challenge what is
Need you be more a man than this
Clench a fist ?
That will hardly get you there
Or through this

Whats the worse you could be?
A liar I say?
A coward may be

Free Fall
Free Fall

The time is now
To climb the wall

Free Fall
Free Fall

It’s now or never
I choose to Fall



& so you say

In Sorrow
& in pain
You look at me
Throw the blame
Chose to chain
Whatever is close
Within that dream
The door you lock in shame
& through it all

I pray

Forever seems
A tad away
I’m hopeful
You’ll be
Here with me
To gather all what is

& make it what will be

Where to begin?

“Lets stay friends”

These words don’t cease to ring
The memories of what was
The me & you back then
Yes it ends

False pretense
Masks now on
Start defense

“What’s done is done”

You call that fun?
Whoever told you that
Made a fool out of us

The truth within
Masterfully hidden
The doubts arise
Clinging to the sin

Lost in time
words don’t rhyme
I’ll walk a thousand miles
To be me again

“What is wrong?”
“It’s not my fault”

It takes two to tango
But I already said it all
Lose or win
End to begin

I guess our story is over

Where to begin?