Where & When

Forever we fail
Tremble in Hell
I wait on the side
Cold shoulder, blind eye
A system, A cycle
Heart breaking recital
The tone of your voice
You leave me no choice

Where & When?
Did you know then?
I’m here all alone
This season won’t end

Sunny & mind wrapping
Shiny you seem happy
The warmth radiates
Sparkling eyes, heart race
Smiley your face
Leaves me in peace

Where & when?
Had I known then
I’d never let go
I’d hold on to you

The leaves falling by
Lying idlly
From green to wither
We think we’re clever
Yet the obvious ever eludes
The facts right there refused

Where & when?
Will we meet again?
Will I have that chance?
Tell me
Coz I’d stand
Forever again
To see you


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