In My Own Hands (The End of the Rainbow)

This one is a collaboration so I can’t & won’t dare take credit for it alone it’s a team work & it remains so.
I’d like to thank my friend “R” for agreeing to share the burden of sorting out the mess, madness & writing half of it (everything in italic ;)).
It’s a story in the form of a poem that we hope may bestow some logic , reason & hope in our otherwise crazy day to day lives & may be yours 😉
Of Sorrow & trials
My life seems over
Spending every waking moment
Searching for a four leaf clover
More trouble
Than it’s worth
It’s either death
Or birth
Oh aye
No pot o’ gold for you
A quest that has taken my whole
Yet I’m nowhere near
Reaching my goal
You see me as a child
A trickster sinister me
Only a fool plays the wild
Sea of lies… let it be
Into thin air I vanish
Cynical is indeed fate
Always find what we want
A second too late
I journey to the end of the rainbow
Where I find a pot of gold
Face to face with its owner
Who seems like me
A loner
Three wishes
Heavier than gold
Don’t obsess
In time they unfold
What I want
Isn’t sold
A price that is
Heavier than gold
It shines much less
But when you are old
It keeps you warm
Through all the cold
Grant you three wishes
But try to catch me not
Luck is never
Served on dishes,
Following a rainbow,
Or eyeing a pot


Promises made only
Only to be broken
For what are promises ?
But words spoken
Vanish you will
In a blink of an eye
Creature of myth
I come not to play


No one can lead life on their own
None of us deserves to be alone
U knew I’m a loner, it’s true
I grant u the wish, off let me go


A wish you say?
If magic be true
Then so is my pain
For nothing lasts forever
I’ve seen it with my eyes
Even your magic one day will die


Change… Change…

An unbearable life that on one’s own
No one deserves to lead it all alone

U knew I’m a loner, it’s true

I grant you the wish, off let me go

No pot o’ gold can compensate
You met me now and it is your fate


So tell me how to find
The four leaf clover
It grants not three
But four wishes moreover


The obsession is not over
For a damned four leaf clover
If you dare and still do crave
Know it’s only for the brave
Those who can let go
Of pain

And the  past they throw


Let go ?
A past to throw?
Who am I or you?
Without what we’ve been through?


Only faith in love and hope
Can pull the clover on a rope
But those who fret, scream and cry
In their pain they live and die


I’ll take my  chance with the fourth
I’ll bet it all on “luck”
For if I have to lose me to find that damn clover
I’d rather stay me & die as a loner


Hold on to the past
And you see no future
The hurt, pain and grudge
Your present they will smudge
It’s all up to you
To seek or let go


4 thoughts on “In My Own Hands (The End of the Rainbow)

  1. life had always been a choice … and I did choose to fly freely on .. you spoke a lot of the human feelings and inner self fight … you touched base of the soul a lot… this is life … and every time we learn new things …. Now I am sure I am not the only one …. But I gave up life long time ago …. since I knew it will not last …. living peacefully with my choice … more able to see reality and lost the sense of being happy or sad … it is all about a good fruit that flourish every now and then and then go … You made a great word choices and values are shown clearly and deeply …

    Very good work.

  2. A great piece of writing. Very thoughtful and the conversation is intelligent. It is a Leprechaun right? Oh aye and pot o’ gold! I love it 🙂

  3. Hi Jerry,

    Thanks for your comment
    Yes, indeed it is a Leprechaun & a human right on spot 🙂
    Glad you liked it

    Thanks for reading it & taking the time to drop a comment

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