Or Worse

The seriousness of being sane

The Pitt you fall in

Unleash your pain

The promises said & broken

Each word regretting you hadn’t spoken

What if the magic you realize

Only has affect after we try?

The laughter & the tears

Embrace me don’t chase away

The silence of decades

As both of us just trace

The meaning of it all to that day


For better

Or worse

Let life be a curse

Why imagine its all about the fun?

When lying sick in my bed you run?

Wherever , whenever was it not together?

Not so as it seems like a cheesy movie’s theme

Forever & ever don’t lie

I’m too clever

To be sucker punched

I still hold a grudge


Your eyes were the maze

Breathless I was amazed

As you showed me the way

True wonder displayed

In awe I surrendered

To perfect sense rendered

Completely captivated

By the music that makes it

Far better

For better


Or worse

When you give your kids birth

Accept them as they are

God’s gift needs   not be more

Intended so splendid

Unique as it is

You can’t change what you have

Why change total bliss?


The things we criticize

Often shape our lives

The people we care for

Are those we hurt the most

Regret is the ghost

We often hate, we’ve lost

Somethings just can’t be changed

Words spoken cause the pain

Or worse

My curse

Your curse

Engraved on your heart the words

Burning through your chest

You’ve lost

Whats worth

More than your whole life

Tears falling

To God you’re praying

May I be gone today

Forgiven, trade whats left

Just for a last word


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