In My Own Hands (The End of the Rainbow)

This one is a collaboration so I can’t & won’t dare take credit for it alone it’s a team work & it remains so.
I’d like to thank my friend “R” for agreeing to share the burden of sorting out the mess, madness & writing half of it (everything in italic ;)).
It’s a story in the form of a poem that we hope may bestow some logic , reason & hope in our otherwise crazy day to day lives & may be yours 😉
Of Sorrow & trials
My life seems over
Spending every waking moment
Searching for a four leaf clover
More trouble
Than it’s worth
It’s either death
Or birth
Oh aye
No pot o’ gold for you
A quest that has taken my whole
Yet I’m nowhere near
Reaching my goal
You see me as a child
A trickster sinister me
Only a fool plays the wild
Sea of lies… let it be
Into thin air I vanish
Cynical is indeed fate
Always find what we want
A second too late
I journey to the end of the rainbow
Where I find a pot of gold
Face to face with its owner
Who seems like me
A loner
Three wishes
Heavier than gold
Don’t obsess
In time they unfold
What I want
Isn’t sold
A price that is
Heavier than gold
It shines much less
But when you are old
It keeps you warm
Through all the cold
Grant you three wishes
But try to catch me not
Luck is never
Served on dishes,
Following a rainbow,
Or eyeing a pot


Promises made only
Only to be broken
For what are promises ?
But words spoken
Vanish you will
In a blink of an eye
Creature of myth
I come not to play


No one can lead life on their own
None of us deserves to be alone
U knew I’m a loner, it’s true
I grant u the wish, off let me go


A wish you say?
If magic be true
Then so is my pain
For nothing lasts forever
I’ve seen it with my eyes
Even your magic one day will die


Change… Change…

An unbearable life that on one’s own
No one deserves to lead it all alone

U knew I’m a loner, it’s true

I grant you the wish, off let me go

No pot o’ gold can compensate
You met me now and it is your fate


So tell me how to find
The four leaf clover
It grants not three
But four wishes moreover


The obsession is not over
For a damned four leaf clover
If you dare and still do crave
Know it’s only for the brave
Those who can let go
Of pain

And the  past they throw


Let go ?
A past to throw?
Who am I or you?
Without what we’ve been through?


Only faith in love and hope
Can pull the clover on a rope
But those who fret, scream and cry
In their pain they live and die


I’ll take my  chance with the fourth
I’ll bet it all on “luck”
For if I have to lose me to find that damn clover
I’d rather stay me & die as a loner


Hold on to the past
And you see no future
The hurt, pain and grudge
Your present they will smudge
It’s all up to you
To seek or let go


Why Wait?

Running out of breath

Why does it have to be like this?

Holding tight, your hand in mine

Subliminal gestures

I know you’re in pain

The clock’s ticking

I know I’m losing


Each second passing by

Just proves that true


Proof of concept

I’m a fool

Realization is just too cruel

Smack me across my face to wake

I’m sure its all a silly mistake

When you spend your life in denial

Know then  you’re bound to fail

I’ll do it tomorrow everyday

What if tomorrow comes not ?


Why wait?

Second chances you can’t afford

Guaranteed to survive a war?

Been through all this before?

Then why do you seem unsure?


There a hint of wisdom there

And a sparkle of whats care

Mixed with knowledge I swear

Cruelty is just a dare

You can stab me a thousand times

Yet still mask the greater pain

Be it yours or be it mine

No one can tell but surely time

All the cards we had to hide

Appearing mystified

Cheating my way through life?

You know me better than that



Why wait?

There ain’t no shortcuts in life

The whole distance you’ll have to take

Walk through every street

Till you reach that place you seek

Every single gate you pass

What do you see in the glass?


Alone is not a word

No purpose means no hurt

In a thousand years we’ll sort

The madness in this fort

The one we call our minds

Constantly we think divine

Yet its not

Its just a game

May you call me by my name


Why wait? Why wait?

The love of your life

Out there some where

Waiting for you

Don’t you care?

Why wait ?

I’ll wait for you

I’ll wait if true

Till the stars in the sky show me what to do

I’ll wait for you

I’ll wait if  you

Have been waiting for me too

Or Worse

The seriousness of being sane

The Pitt you fall in

Unleash your pain

The promises said & broken

Each word regretting you hadn’t spoken

What if the magic you realize

Only has affect after we try?

The laughter & the tears

Embrace me don’t chase away

The silence of decades

As both of us just trace

The meaning of it all to that day


For better

Or worse

Let life be a curse

Why imagine its all about the fun?

When lying sick in my bed you run?

Wherever , whenever was it not together?

Not so as it seems like a cheesy movie’s theme

Forever & ever don’t lie

I’m too clever

To be sucker punched

I still hold a grudge


Your eyes were the maze

Breathless I was amazed

As you showed me the way

True wonder displayed

In awe I surrendered

To perfect sense rendered

Completely captivated

By the music that makes it

Far better

For better


Or worse

When you give your kids birth

Accept them as they are

God’s gift needs   not be more

Intended so splendid

Unique as it is

You can’t change what you have

Why change total bliss?


The things we criticize

Often shape our lives

The people we care for

Are those we hurt the most

Regret is the ghost

We often hate, we’ve lost

Somethings just can’t be changed

Words spoken cause the pain

Or worse

My curse

Your curse

Engraved on your heart the words

Burning through your chest

You’ve lost

Whats worth

More than your whole life

Tears falling

To God you’re praying

May I be gone today

Forgiven, trade whats left

Just for a last word