Be the Same ?

Drunk on love
May be life
I’m shred to pieces
By that same old knife
It’s a promise
I’ll have to break
I’ve made more
Than one mistake
There’s a door
That’s forever locked
I’ll  find the key
Even if I’m mocked

If you wanna be the same
Live life let go
Just ease the pain

If all u wanna do is blame
You’ll find someone
But it’ll only
Feel the same

We’ve been through
So much
I think
I’ve lost my touch
The one thing we can’t do
Is Trust
Yet to live it seems
A must
The center of it all
Is you
Who am I to say?
I have no clue

If you wanna lose your dream
Hold tight grab on
Let the past in

If you think its all a scheme
Then what the hell
You been doing?

With a mask
Tight on your face
You speak your mind
Without a trace
Where is the truth?
Don’t lose
Your faith

If you wanna be the same
Live life let go
Just ease the pain

If you really wanna change
Live life
Forget the pain


The Impossible

Love Stories
Those heart breaking songs
Fairy Tales have us thinking
“Nothing can ever go wrong”
I wish for all the best
I hope we’re all so blessed

But Say

What if that plan doesn’t turn out ok ?
Betting all your chips on one number
Just sounds to me

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder
We’re standing still &  getting older
Past mistakes made me, who I am today
Broken to be better
Trying to be less bitter

Tears in your eyes
Calm down
We all make mistakes
So what can you see through all the tears?
When all the fun’s gone
You’re left with the fear

What doesn’t kill you ….
Fill in the blanks
Sick & tired of all the quotes
Those smartie pants
Think they’ve figured out who’s me
I don’t assume to know you
& I advise you not to

Unicorns & Pegasus
Pots of gold at the end of the rainbow
Just don’t exist
Call me not romantic
But this is,  as real as it gets
I know you all just hate
The truth  said to your face

Down on your knees
Ruined in ways
Never thought possible
Alone in the dark
Challenging what you perceive
As the impossible