To Be

Fear of fate
Love & hate
I love not life
I hate the wait
Destiny show the way
All of you
Some of me
Abandoned by what we believe
Come on now
Its time to leave

To be
The one
The way
The where that we may see
If only if only
You & me
So lonely

You’re crazy
& lazy
You know not
What may be
If storms seem to sail me
Through skies that
Erase thee
The heavenly disguise
Permitting all the lies
If you want not to see
Then let go just let go
Close your eyes
You may know
There’s always one more prize
Yet seeking
Don’t mean that you’re more wise

To be
With me
The only promise made
Is one I may not keep
You feel you feel
Thats more than I can say
More than I do seek
Awake yet still asleep
Somethings just aren’t meant

To Be


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