Hearts at War

The same old saying they say
After love is gone
Nothing remains
Shall we prevail ?
Unleash the darkness within ?
Denounce it as unreal ?
Poisoned tears
Nothing heals
The pain he feels
Walk away ?
This is harder than they say
Easily sacrifice my life
But there are things I hold
More precious to me
For what is a life
But a moment passing by ?
Doesn’t everything start after we die?

Heart ache pain & Nothing more
Tell me how to fight this war
Even if all of our dreams were messed
We stay. Hold our ground
To God we’ll pray
Coz after all the wrong we’ve done
We still seek forgiveness
There’s nowhere to run

This confusion deep inside
Stemming from that other side
The root of all evil is you
You still in denial ?
There’s a penalty you’ll have to pay
One day may be
You’ll look back and say
Everything has a price
Wish I’d been more wise
If forgiveness is my path
I’d do anything to evade God’s wraith
For what else is more dear ?
Who else should we fear ?
If we chose not to be saved
What awaits us in the grave?

If all we want is nothing more
Show me how to end this war
All of our hopes have paved the way
For us to become what we don’t wanna be
We still stay hold our ground
To God we pray
Coz after all the wrong we’ve done
We still seek forgiveness
There’s nowhere to run

Within these endless hearts at war
Tell me paradise is behind which door
If all of our dreams fail in life
We still have forever
Its such a cheap price
If all we have to do is stay
A thousand years do nothing but pray
What is a decade or two in life
If what you really want is paradise?
I know it ain’t easy
I just criticize
But I really want to
Please God give me faith


7 thoughts on “Hearts at War

  1. Yikes! We are always carrying both God and his or she’s advisory, in our hearts. Both love to be recognized. However, One increases the other decreases when greeted without surprise.
    The struggle that you captured was identified very succingly in your Truth of expression. Thanks a lot I had to look over my shoulder to see if both were still there. Good grief! They were.

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