The End of all Seasons

We’re perfect but not together
Each on his own is better

Everything has a reason

Not some random excuse
We’re human beings
Not to be used

Is it happiness you seek ?
For a month or just a week?
In a moment passing by
No longer are you mine
Joy seems to embrace
Fragments which we often chase
Melodies we sung each time
Right now nothing seems to rhyme
Hold on tight we’re not divine
We’ve committed every crime
May be what we want the most
Isn’t what we should really chose
If we’d known back then
We would’ve avoided everything

Nothing makes sense anymore
Tears of joy or those we mourn?
Words won’t come out
When you’re sore
It seems easier to fight a war
If you’ve ever before mistaken
The worse ever is to feel forsaken
Saying sorry just won’t do
You’re never sure the words are true
There’s always a logical explanation
When we make every decision

But with love that ain’t the case
You just wanna embrace
Spring is when you first meet
The words flow slowly as you speak
Summer I’d say is the time
When the heat in your heart is like flame
Autumn is when its there
The signs of a premature fair well
Winter marks the end
Its so cold you’re no longer friends

Its the end of all seasons
Defying all logic & reasons
Love is just a word
Causing pain & hurt
Take chances fall in love
But the outcome is mostly tough
Good bye is just a word
Yet when we hear it
We know we’ve been hurt


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