Let it go

There’s no such thing as love
Heaven lies above
I craved for what they call a normal life
Thats all
I shouldn’t have tried to be
The same as them
I’m me
So different in every way
Impossible they say
I’m normal I bleed
The pain is inside unseen
For every one has a dream
But only I it seems
Have screwed all up
This scene just keeps repeating
No matter how hard I keep deleting
You force my hand
To be this man
I don’t know him
I’m me no sin
For if u care enough
You’d know to leave
For when you love someone
You want him happy thats my belief
Even if its not with you
That is love, that is true
But selfishness just lurks inside
& step by step we all go blind
Forgetting all the words we said
The promises broken instead
& there’s a time when you do know
That its just best
To let it go


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