Who pulled the trigger ?

My brothers & sisters lie dead
Helpless I cant understand
300 & the body count rises
Don’t tell me we all make choices
Its pointless to even try
Telling me its an honest mistake?
Repeated over 300 times ?????
How stupid do you think I am?
Very Very if they think they’ll win
Who pulled the trigger?
Who gave the order?
To kill unarmed men
Using live ammunition
Putting their life to an end
Who let it happen?
Was it one of us?
Government , police, those I can’t trust.
A question to he who did
Fire the shot that killed someone
Drove a car that hit & run
Camel guy was it just fun?
Can you call yourself Egyptian?
We’ll find you one by one
& then we’ll make sure
You don’t ever see the sun
Who pulled the trigger?
What went through his mind?
As he shot his brother
Did he feel inside
His heart being torn out just like mine?
Orders, Orders I’m sure they’ll say
You’re mindless tools
To a bunch of fools
You’re expendable to them
A worthless, useless hand
That can be cut off at a whim
Live & enjoy your lives
Or whats left of it anyway
Who pulled the trigger?
Was it us who weren’t there?
We might have saved them yes I swear
If only we’d over come the fear
I’m fed up of all the lies
Against it all till freedom is mine
These people have blood on their hands
Its time to put it all to an end


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