Revolution 101: The Rules by which I Run

Since we’re going through a revolution here are the rules by which I run

0- If you can’t save yourself you can’t save anyone

Explanation: If you’re dead every person you could have saved is as well, if you’re in it to save lives.
Granted When your time comes it’ll come. But don’t just throw it. Your life is priceless & that should have as
much effect if not more of an atomic bomb on your enemies. Because it will on your allies.

1-Live to die another day.

Explanation: We’re all gonna die one day. But it doesn’t have to be the same day someone has to stay alive to ensure that those who died didn’t die in vain to carry on their will & make sure they rest in peace.

2- Plan, Anticipate, elaborate, calculate, recalculate , then simulate. Finally, don’t depend on anything going the way you planned it.

Explanation : Be as prepared as you can but know that shit happens.

3- You are the source you can make everything better or worse.

Explanation: Never underestimate the power of 1 , never underestimate yourself, don’t let anyone decide what you can or can’t do. The answer to that lies within you. You are a human being , a wonder, the most sophisticated creation. Wthin you lies the potentiality to change the world all you have to do is pursue it.

4- Insanity is just a way to become what you want to be.

Explanation: Go crazy on their ass. Sometimes being logical can only stand as a final barrier between you and your goals.

5- Assumption is the mother of all screwups

Explanation: Taken not mine but true. What you think is happening & what really is happening are two different things.
Always account for the possibility that either you don’t get them or they don’t you & let time tell the answer.

6- If its the time to fight , Don’t listen when they ask you to wait.

Explanation: You’re in a war , you stop to listen to what your opposition has to say?? Really? How naive are you?. Momentum is part of the drive you don’t stop a car & expect you can restart it at any time not with the cops blocking the road or a tank. Sometimes your own mind gets in the way shut it down & let your instincts take center fold.

7- There’s a point of no return when the first body falls.

Explanation : People are already dead & you think you’re having it hard ??? wake up.

8- People are dead & nothing anybody says or does will bring them back.

Explanation: Its self explanatory. Pray for the dead & respect that they did what we can’t. They did it for me & you. You ungrateful *****.

9- Never forgive, Never forget.

Explanation: Its the jews/israeli motto but in war it must be used if you lose your drive , if you forget why you’re fighting you’ve already lost.

10- See it through till its through.

Explanation: There is no time limit this is a life time mission, its not a weekend thing, not the latest fashion style, not hip.
If you’re not dedicated don’t start it people will die, if you don’t get it right they will hit you harder & it’ll only get worse & All sacrifices made will be in vain.

You wanna see a revolution go bad watch “Brave Heart” thats what you get when it doesn’t work out.

“We Live by the rules, we die by the rules ” quote from “The Skulls”

I’m not sure if & how long I’ll live so I thought I’d write it for others may be it can help. & If I’m not here please see my will through.


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