What do we do then?

Who are you?
The same ?
Not true
You feel so clear?
I’m me No Fear
You’ve changed my dear
The lock on your lips
Has finally fell
I see through their tricks
They planned them so well
If I’d met him just a month ago
I’d tell him wake up get ready to go
Its starting right now , Its starting right here
This is the time to change history
He’d probably look back at me & say
I’m just one so what can I do?
The forces are stronger I’m weaker you fool
Who would even hear what I say?
Nobody cares, What it feels like each day
If this is a game I want it over right now
But nobody said that we could stop it or how
All you can do is write your songs
But people don’t even read them
Or they get them all wrong
That sight of him
Makes me hate him
I want to be
The best not weak
Round one he wins
Round two begins
So what if people just no longer care?
What if its just your life you can spare?
What if your neighbors don’t even say hi?
You meet people you know but they only pass you by
If everyone’s doing it doesn’t mean that its right
You raise up your own bar
To evolve in life
You think that legends are made over night?
They spend their entire lives to win a single fight
He stares at me
No sign of retreat
Round 2 goes to me
Think it’ll end at 3
Round 3 here it comes
That upper cut his favorite punch
For this it all comes down instinct & hunch
Its all still the same, you must be insane
To think in a week your whole world can change
You’re still so naive to trust them again
Haven’t they caused you enough pain?
Thats what he says as he punches me
I let him hit approach won’t retreat
As I get closer I see what I missed
My faceless opponent is …
I want to believe it will be alright
Those sacrifices won’t be forgotten in a fortnight
What they say now isn’t just more lies
But as you know there are no guarantees in life
You stand here today
As my opponent but tomorrow
I may be your friend
If you can’t save yourself you can’t save anyone
Self sacrifice is for check mate not fun
So take care till we meet again
I’ll wait as you asked to see what happens
But if your faith is misplaced then
The time for words will be over my friend
He left , I’m spared
For now , but I fear
If he’s right again
Then what do we do then?


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