Its a Wonder

Heaven & hell on earth together
Risk your life for each other
Sacrifice, taste the trouble
Be more wise defy the devil
Help another stay alive
Say you’re not so selfish try
Even if its all a lie
May be we can make it be
Tempted by the things we like
Call upon your one mistake
Call upon the things you hate
They exist for a reason
So do you so start believing
Its the time to stay not leaving
Even if we were to die
You are better don’t betray
Crimson stars in skies up high
Causing war on earth each day
Cursed below are tyrants pray
Blessed above are martyrs say
Death is there its not evil
Humans are denying free will
Even if we were to pray
Its our own weakness that caused this shame
Can’t sleep, feeling guilty?
Still alive asking why me?
Live to die another day
See it through pave the way
All it takes is just one day
To change the world to end the pain
Its a wonder we didn’t try
To change it all before that day


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