The Countdown of our lives

So I see
what we’ll be
I look back
There’s just me

Are we ten?
Where they’ve been?
Speak up now
Don’t pretend

Are we nine?
Not so fine?
but we’d form
Quite a line

Are we eight?
Accept fate?
I do hate
To stand here just to wait

Are we seven?
Stop livin?
We’ve done that
Come on heaven

Are we six?
Bones not bricks?
I’m through with
All their tricks

Are we five?
Who to save?
We’re all just
Material slaves

Are we four?
Fight a war?
But which one
Would help more

Are we three?
Are we free?
like those birds
On a tree

Are we two?
Are we true?
If its just
Me & you

Am I one?
All Alone?
Then its time
To be gone