My 1st night in Al Sawy

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert in Sakiet Al Sawy.

You know that place under the bridge in Zamalek that holds concerts & cultural events, right? You don’t? Get out of here, You sure you live in Cairo? What? Yeah it was my first time, so? Ok you got a point there.

Anyway it was a first time for me & a close friend was playing with his band there for the first time so I just found myself there. Up till that point I’d ignored the musical scene in Egypt & rendered it none existent while getting my musical fix off You-tube mostly 🙂

The place is ok although I think with this location it can use a bit of work to turn it into a spectacular cultural extravaganza on the Nile ( I know it already is but it can be better). While I was there a friend told me that it was originally a ” garbage dumpster” till someone suggested they clean it up & turn it into what it is today so I suppose his name is “Abd El Moneim El Sawy” & the place takes its name after him.

Then the concert started

All the songs played were cover songs to originals I’d heard before except one I’d never heard which was “45 by Shinedown”.

A beautiful song none the less I liked the version I heard in the concert better than the original. There were really talented people there, several vocalists with a really wide range not to say that the equipment/sound systems weren’t the best ( This is a live ) not a studio mix.

So any who I decided to put both songs here & leave it to your judgment

Original version by Shinedown:

Version by BTW & Guest vocalist Samy Sayed:

Another Up of the evening was a cover of Brian Adam’s “Heaven” By BTW & Guest vocalist Hany Mustafa -Lisa Shawky-Violin

You can find the rest of the concert here if you’re interested

But I was quite surprised at the number of talented people I got to see at one place whereas they all play for other bands they didn’t mind helping out with a song as most of the songs had guest vocalists, drummer, violin, bass..etc.

Which ultimately contributed to a really nice melange of crowd with band 🙂

All in all I think the crowd had fun which is the most important thing 😉

& Me ? Well this might have been my first night in Sakiet Al sawy but I’m definitely going back again sooner rather than later 😉


5 thoughts on “My 1st night in Al Sawy

  1. Wow, I have so much admiration for musicians, because music is the one art form that I’ve really had to work hard at my whole life and I’m still not good!!! Therefore, when I see such gifted musicians, I am always a little bit awe-struck.

    I love music, of all kinds. The funny thing about music is that we could live life without it, but who would want to?

    • Indeed we can live without it Darlene but we can’t help but admire those who express themselves with it 🙂

      You’ll get there one day just hang in there 😉

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