For me to be a fool
Is a new thing to see
Add up one & one
you’ll wined up with three
Coz at the end you’ll know
The fool ain’t me

Walked many paths yet alas
Haven’t walked enough for the test to pass
Found my self where I started again
I know what its all about now
Wish I knew it then
The Joke was on me all along
Now I have to sing one last sad song

Being fooled ain’t no laugh
They won’t take your autograph
You’ll be pushed by every riff Raff
Pray you were never born in this sick act
Learn your life ain’t what it seems
You’re in the dark ain’t no light beams
It was all just make believe
The hope you had didn’t leave
Cause a fool is what you are
& thats what you can’t conceive

No laughs
No autographs
Pushed by every riff Raff
God take me from this sick act


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