Against the world

As a little kid
I’d rarely see
The logic in the things that grownups say
They tend to lie & justify
What they do all as fair play
Then one day I realized it wasn’t them
Its the world that makes it all happen

The tiny me would often pray
For all the terror to end one day
He’d often cry for those who die
Searching for a way
To make the pain go away

The world kicked me down
I don’t know how
Left me there bleeding on the ground
Really don’t know why we play this game
Doesn’t seem like we’re winning anything

The child looked
With eyes so pure
Crimson it turned
Bloodstained in hurt
For that remained as the final scene
To haunt his each & every dream
He solemnly swore not to forget
Make sure they live to regret
But he wasn’t sure, who were they?
Till he found out the world works this way

The world kicked me down
I poked its eyes
Which makes us even
Or so I say

Against the world
I’ll end the hate
Make them see through my eyes & wake

Perfect Poet Award week 29

My Nomination


3 thoughts on “Against the world

  1. you make my day, thanks for the acceptance….
    lovely award for a beautiful poet, well deserved!

    let me know your nomination by mentioning a poet under your post, thanks.

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