The Kingdom of Rest

Imagine your self standing at a bus stop waiting for the bus to pass by. That bus has no schedule, neither is there a specific manual as to how you can reach to where you wanna go.

This bus is your salvation, your only ticket out of where you are. With every moment passing by that place keeps getting awkward, you start losing your senses one by one, may be first your ability to comprehend, then speech after that listening , ..etc.

Till at last you’re rendered absolutely helpless, completely frustrated as you begin to realize that bus just might not pass by.

We take everything we have for granted whereas its a grant & a gift that should be cherished, every single thing eyes, ears, ..etc, even sleep.

If you’re one of those who lurk the night, ever so awake, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve come to notice that people view sleep as a given where as since my early memories its engraved in my mind as a precious diamond that I’ve been forever searching for.

Ever magical, ever eluding, extremely well hidden lies the key to the kingdom of rest & no worries. Just put your head on the pillow & voila you’re there no effort needed. Just close your eyes & your guaranteed a way out of this harsh reality albeit only through the night.

Just Imagine

You finished one of the longest days of your life you’re dead tired & may be even sick you slip into your PJs & go to bed but you just can’t sleep for no reason what so ever.

How frustrated would you be?

Money , power, fame, ..etc. These are all common sources of envy but to someone who has Insomnia (i.e :Insomniac) a good night’s sleep is at the top of his list. For when everybody else is asleep you’re at the top of your game attentive, hyper & there’s no sign of sleep in sight.

Its an endless loop you’ve been locked in for as early as you can remember, some say its a curse others an abnormality but certainly it can make you feel helpless when you’re deprived of one of your most simple needs.

As for me?

I’m still on my quest searching for the key to the kingdom of rest.

Dedicated to an avid Insomiac may Mr.Sleep find his way to your door one day 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Rest

  1. Very few people value the gift of sleep
    Even if you stay still still for so long your mind cannot rest
    Actually you can never use your full senses to their limits of you do not get enough sleep.
    So problem gets from not being able to sleep to not being able to be fully awake 😦
    You do not have the key for the kingdom you are looking for (no one has)
    Stop looking or the key or the bus and sleep will come to you

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