We spend all of our lives going out of our minds

Yeah as usual I’m inspired by a song but I’m not saying its name till the end this time.

So why do we allow the madness to creep in , day after day till we find ourselves on the edge one day?
Simply put we demand too much, humans are melodramatic creatures & most are cry babies who make life into a pathetic drama if it doesn’t give them what they want & they might cry out like a baby if things don’t go their way.

On one side , you find who people just can’t forget the past “the golden age” the good old days when everything was ok & (eldonia kanet lesa be7’eir) as they say in Egypt. Reminiscence & dwelling in the past whether that past was painful or poetic.

While on the other side, you see people so consumed by the future, asking questions like Where will the world be in 50 years? or How long will it take him to be a bizalionaire & spend all that money?,. I’m as obsessed with Planning, Risk analysis & mitigation as the next person but this is getting silly, How far ahead is planning ahead?, What if it all ends tomorrow by an unforeseen factor?

You get my point both sides are wasting their time in something that doesn’t exist, while in the middle of all that both sides seem to have forgotten about the present.

Now, this moment, this breath I’m taking right here this is the point at which I exist, this is where I can make a difference not 30 years ago & may be not 30 years in the future. This is the only certainty in the whole equation other than that its all speculation.

Hopefully, people will get that & learn that the past ended long ago, the future is something we still don’t know. So to you in the past “Please let go”, & to you looking towards the future ” you sure you’ll live till then bro?”.

Thats all I had to say this time, now go enjoy “They stood up for love” by live, read the lyrics carefully its part of the msg

Piano version with lyrics

Original rock version no lyrics with people jumping


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