A smile like yours

its hard not to want to see a smile like yours every moment of my life.

& its really hard to find a smile like yours anytime & any place.

May be thats the secret why man explored space.

They searched for such a smile on earth without a trace.

A smile that can make us feel at peace.

Eternal bliss & endless grace.

It’d be a crime to let such a smile leave your face


30 thoughts on “A smile like yours

  1. You write about the smile of an angel, as difficult to keep as the grin of a cheshire cat that glows in the dark, then fades and disappears. I believe though, that you hold the smile in your head, too, yes?

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  4. short but captures the entire thought.
    may be they’re looking for the angels’ smiles?
    whatcha think?
    kidding. =)

    i love this.


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