Within the Mind

Come on leave this life for some time
Enter with me a place with no crime
Imagine a world
Where love fills the air
The life is so sweet
Full of tender & care

But this Utopia of mine
Exists beyond time
You’ll find it no place
For it leaves no trace

Imagine this world
Where everyone is glowing so fair
The light in their eyes makes us wanna stare
Where kindness is normal, not a virtue too rare
Only a a madman would want to escape from there

Yet this Utopia of mine
Has a unique design
For those who do seek it
It’ll prove hard to find

This world
Where every man would sacrifice himself for another to stand
Defend what they believe in & fight till the end
Where treason & deceit are unknown there
The life is so safe
No danger
I swear

This Utopia of mine
Exists within the mind
you’ll find it no place
But in your heart & soul
If its full of faith


27 thoughts on “Within the Mind

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