Where is my Mind ?

Thats a question we all have to ask if we’re living in Egypt, decide to continue living here or come back from abroad.

Originally this is the name of the theme song of “Fight Club” (one of my favorite movies, go watch it if you haven’t)..

I think you should follow the instructions in the lyrics to see if this trick really works.

I’m 100% sure that if this trick works by tomorrow most of our population will have collapsed heads.

No one in his right mind would accept the conditions under which we live in,  Its quite degrading to the human mind with announcements that are rarely honest, a system that  never works, electricity & water cut outs, no hygiene, …etc . I can practically go on forever.

Where as I find that there are people in this same country who have no idea what so ever what is going on, quite oblivious in their sheltered selves while the majority suffers.

It reminds of a play I saw when I was a kid named “Kaabalon”. The princess would ask her suitors “Where is the mind ? ” & this guy’s answer was “The mind is in our shoes” & “When we take off our shoes ?” obvious answer ” Its at the shoe maker’s”.
At the time I thought it was too ridiculous even as a joke but now when I look around me, I say may be this guy knew what he was talking about after all.

Where as like most Egyptians if Tyler Durden came along holding a gun to my head asking me what I wanted to do with the rest of life, I’d have no answer what so ever. I’d just let him pull the trigger & may be put me out of my misery.
No purpose what so ever while with free education (although I’d argue about the quality of the education) you’d find millions of college grads only to drown in the flood of unemployment.

But thats the point we export almost everything, produce almost nothing. How long can a country live like that?

We have people who die standing in line just to buy bread, Is the bread problem really impossible to solve ? How do we hope to even compete with the rest of the world? Are we even trying?

As a small mind teaser I looked at elections for clubs. The system is a president is elected by the members  along with  a few members on the board where the vice is elected from within the board.
Club “A” is in perfect shape with the members on the board interacting with the members & responding to their queries, improving the system , food & beverages are improving,  constructed another branch ..etc.
While club “B” is in a pathetic state, after four years they’ve done zilch, zero, nada , everything is a mess  & you can’t even get a decent meal.

Now club “B” is in election year. What the current board do is renovate the social building, gym & other parts all within the month before the elections.
Call me skeptical but who spends four years planning to do everything three & a half years later?

If it were up to me I’d line up every member on the board with a copy of his agenda in the 2006 elections & ask him what he accomplished during his four years.

Its really a no brainer,  right? , don’t elect someone who’s broken his promise “he’ll only do it again” & you’ll only have yourself to blame.

Yet it seems like every time the promise breakers manage to win.

From my point of view the opposition has nothing to offer either but the alternative is the evil you’ve already seen , so why not try something new?

Obviously people in Egypt go with the saying “Whoever we know is better than whoever we don’t” which is dumb if you ask me.

In today’s world everything is calculated, measured , risk assessed & controlled. Then why is it that people just don’t learn? or Is it more than that ? Are there hidden agendas & personal gains at stake here unseen to the unsuspecting eye?

Change starts by throwing your garbage in garbage can not on the streets. The small things lead to the bigger ones. We can make life tolerable by helping each other be better.

In the matrix Morpheus told Neo ” I want to free your mind” I think if he came here he’d have to search for it first but like Morpheus I can only show you the door the rest is up to you.

Dare ask yourself

Where is my mind?


2 thoughts on “Where is my Mind ?

  1. Your words ring true and you are true to yourself.

    My family and I visited Egypt for holiday two years ago and we fell in love with the people.

    keep writing….

    • I know the people are the real asset here but no one can see that 🙂

      Whereas some people are just blinded with greed , its a mixture of the “Element” & the “I” which makes things worse each day 🙂

      Hopefully its a temporary state we can turn around 🙂

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