So what comes after Ramadan ?

I know that some wise guy out there is probably all smug now saying what kind of question is that ?, Sarcastically he’s gonna say any little kid knows that after Ramadan comes “EID El Fetr” aka “Bairam Feast”.

But that’s not what I meant? Ramadan is over. We’ve prayed, cried , done all the good deeds..bla bla bla.

Now what?
Do we use the momentum or just lose it like every year?

I kid you not on the night of the Eid I feel like people are trying to equalize their spiritual balance immediately,  can’t they even wait till after the Eid prayer ???

Here’s my take on it, either we’ve reached a level where we no longer  care nor want to become better or its just easier to let all the pieces fall again & dance along next Ramadan.

They say everybody has his 15 minutes of fame, so may be the story I’ll tell you are mine.

Well into the second week of Ramadan, I was taking a stroll when a guy approached me saying “Sir would you like to go on TV?”

My inner thoughts were  “Finally someone noticed, this is my first step to stardom it took them long enough to recognize my talent”.

I asked  “What  kind of program is it?”, I didn’t really care this was my big break.

The reply came against all my expectations “We’re asking people about the different types of charity that can be done in Ramadan? ”

Now that I didn’t expect, he totally burst my bubble these type of programs have zero ratings & are most probably aired in the “Lets go to bed” time-slot, hardly a breakthrough.

So I replied “Types of charity in Ramadan??” still in shock

The guy replied enthusiastically “Yeah you know like “Mawa2ed Al Rahman, Food Bags,giving out money, ..etc”

Ok so this guy was serious, I’m not on candid camera & I’m not the target of my  gang’s usual pranks. But wait didn’t he just list all the usual suspects?.  Did he think I was a monkey who’s just gonna repeat what he said on air?

” Sorry but I’m busy right now”, came my reply.

“I’ll only take 2 minutes of your time”, this guy was really persistent looks like it was in his job description.

Then out of no where a friend of mine came, we exchanged greetings, then he told me he’d just recorded with this guy & it was fine, OK this  was starting to look bad. Still sure we’re not on candid camera?

” Ok , I’ll do it”, like they say in Egypt  “bayza bayza” may be I can take the chance to announce my plans for world domination I’m crazy enough to do that but I’m still not crazy enough to announce running for president.

The guy gets the cameraman positions the mic & then asks the question ” From your point of view what kind of good deeds can be done in Ramadan? ”

Almost instantly the words came from my lips, “I don’t think the question is what can we do in Ramadan cause whatever can be done is done in Ramadan the problem is its only done in Ramadan, I think its quite obvious that the poor,hungry, needy, sick..etc in Ramadan exist outside of Ramadan. I don’t know what most people  think but obviously they assume that they vanish for the rest of the year.” I didn’t think much really the answer was always there.

I looked at the guy holding the mic he looked dumbfounded this wasn’t what he expected, obviously every single person he’d met had followed his template.

“So what do you think makes people do good deeds in Ramadan & slack off the rest of the year?” came the guy’s next question.

Now that was a good one this guy was better than he looked even though he didn’t expect my answer he reacted appropriately but wait we’re far beyond the 2 minute mark, no time for that now.

“I think people go into Ramadan very enthusiastic because its specifically one month that time limit allows them to go all out but after that they just lose their drive to normal life”

May be that was my 15 minutes of fame, (hopefully not I’m still shooting for stardom & world domination )

So what comes after Ramadan ?

I think whatever we decide to do after Ramadan, its up to us to carry on with Ramadan’s spirit in our hearts all year long 🙂


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