Ramadan coming to an end

A month that so quickly passes us by
Yet once it comes its do or die
Wake up, Sleep’s entrance I do deny
For Ramadan shan’t wait for thee
Families & friends gathered along
Since we’ve seen each other its been so long
Iftar, sohor have another taste
When you & your loved ones share the same plate 🙂
Prayers wake up till its dawn
Pray all night, read Quran
Cry out to your heart’s content
In Shaa Allah you’ll be forgiven in the end  🙂
Three days of fasting including today
Two more Nights left to pray
Then another year I’ll have to wait
For Ramadan to come, yes that I do hate  😦


4 thoughts on “Ramadan coming to an end

  1. Hi Jingle,

    Thanks for reading my blog, it really makes it worth while when someone enjoys something I’ve written .

    I can’t quite get around how to contribute in your weekly poet meet (too many questions & rules honestly I couldn’t follow) :), so if you can break it down in simple words I’d be glad to participate

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