The Time to Speak

Distressed & restrained
This world seems to cry out
Yet no on feels its pain
They think its ripe for the take
But when shall they understand
You can’t take treasures to your grave
They fight all their lives
For a lost cause
Hence with no remorse
Not a second thought of their ways
No attempt to justify
The greed & lust they crave
Desire comes first for them
& only grows with age
As the body count increases they only search for ways

Help me out
I have sinned over again
Felt towards it no doubt
Sacrificed those who loved me most
Hence I feel my soul is lost

Son I am but one
Not the one you seek
I know man’s wrong
For I was once too weak
If you have a prayer to say
Now’s the time to speak

Seen the demons in disguise
Deceiving all the humans to believe
They are of their kind
Monsters in their ways
They blind you with deception
Till all you see is hell’s gate
Wake up before that day
For atonement shan’t be granted
While you’re frying everyday
Search for a way
To find the light in the dark
leading you to this place
Then the steps shall be harder
Each moment leading you farther
Blessing you with hope of departure
Where your soul shall be younger

Take my hand
Lead me,  show me
Where the light is
For I am too blind to understand
A rose in the desert shall appear
If thy command
Taking me a step nearer
To the demand

Still in the dark
Believing I have the power
To place faith in your heart
Too weak to climb in the arc
Before  entrance you must remove
This darkness from thy heart

** I am but one
Not the one you seek
I know man’s wrong
For I was once too weak
Journeyed from the dark to the light
Gained faith in return for the price I paid
Asked for forgiveness when I was weak
If you have a prayer to say
Now is the time to speak

The one you seek
Awaits   you
To forgive all the wrong you’ll ever do
Greater than all those you ever knew
To reach him you must know the way
Its simple just call out his name
The journey is hard & full of pain
It starts in your heart
& Ends in heaven


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