The Other

So what is this ultra boring guy gonna yip yap about this time ?

The Other? What other?

I got it you mean my significant other?

Sorry but no such luck thats not today’s topic

What I meant was a total reflection of who you are .I believe every human being has the potentiality for great good but within the dark corners of his mind there lies great evil.

Just look at the net, the newspapers , ..etc. There is some unbelievable stuff in there, kids killing their parents, parents drowning their kids..etc. When did this happen? What triggered this?  & we’ve even reached the level where we accept all this as normal news.

Serial killers, mass murderers …etc  they’re people just like me & you. Born human, raised human yet somewhere along the road they deviated to become twisted to an extent where they no longer recognize right from left.

Scary as it may seem this possibility lies in each & every one of us. Ticking like a time bomb , biding its time deep inside, waiting for the right time to unleash our darkness on an unsuspecting world.

But whats the catalyst? I mean nobody goes from the image of perfect sanity to Ted Bundy overnight its so common now they have analysis, categories,..etc. Its a science now people & its ugly.

I think  it all comes down to overcoming ones inner demons, We all often look in the mirror & see that wicked version staring back at us tempting us  to give him the leash , let him in control & he’ll make it alright , make all the pain go away but you know he doesn’t, he only ever makes it worse .

The mind is a powerful weapon, a broken mind more so in all the wrong ways.

The wounds that hurt the most are rarely seen by the eye.

Sometimes  all it takes to save someone is a smile & a kind word.

I’ll try to be a better me for you, so promise you’ll try too.

Last but not least

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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