The Fast Forward Button

Today is the 6th day of Ramadan so this brings the end to the 1st week of Ramadan.
Yet I just can’t shake off the notion that Ramadan just started yesterday.

What keeps coming to my mind is our old video cassette.
It used to have a fast forward button that would sometimes hang which would lead us to either skip the part/episode we wanted to watch or sometimes when the button was stuck we’d end up watching the entire thing in fast forward (which was actually hilarious) :P.

Which is exactly how I feel right now, normally I feel like I ‘m faster than my surroundings but this is quite ridiculous. I think I’m having a hard time taking my breath 🙂

Work, sleep, Iftar, prayer, sleep, work. A vicious cycle that seems downright unbreakable.

Quite frankly I don’t wanna skip through Ramadan.

So if anybody knows how to return it to normal “Play” mode, kindly advise 😀


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