For the love of God

My Heart is pure
My Goal is clear
And through my soul
I sense no fear
The doubt is gone
Replaced by light
And here I am
Prepared to Fight
For the Love of God

I would sacrifice everything
For his love to place
I’d fight the war
Lost here on earth
To reach heaven & be re- birthed
Jump willingly in a pit of Hell
Struggle with Satan
For he I would kill
Then the war goes on
In mind & soul
But then my heart would over rule
For the love of God
I’d face the world
Abandon all
Build in my heart a higher wall
Deny myself for a greater cause
For the love of God
I’d leave behind all my kind
Those whose hearts are stone
And Souls are blind
To leave the love & chose the lust
Condemning themselves to eternal loss
For the love of God
Memories in my mind

I shall erase

Putting his holy words in its place
I look behind
At my previous life
Pray for God to forgive all of mankind
For the love of God
Religious you be or not
Dare I say
Even the worse of us have those who portrait
A picture so beautiful of decent denial
To sacrifice himself for love to prevail
I would sacrifice
For the love of God
Nothing can replace
The love of God
I long for the love of God
To pray everyday a lot
I know I may never see thou art
Yet I tremble from that thought


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