The Choice

There are alot of things in life we don’t get to chose
Our parents, names, shapes,…etc
But the things that we do chose
Are the things that truly define us
Whether they are right or wrong
So chose wisely


You cruise all day

Thinking its ok

There’s still some time To have some fun

We see all the waves

Rising in the seas

Before they’re gone

Waking one day

Discovering this life Is surely done

Whats left is a day May be even less

If you don’t run !

Jump on you feet

Explore your own fate

The smiles & laughs don’t count

The tears on your face

The sorrow embraced

With a tender hug

Emotions that rise high above tides

The gentle that care

The warmth in your heart

The wounds they must hurt

As you scream & shout !

Whats hidden inside

Out in the light Feared & forsaken

Loved but not taken

Driving insane

Calm take the pain !

As I hear a voice

Contradiction shows life

We Rejoice yet all along

There’s a choice !

Where is the road?

If its paved with doubt

Then all that we’ve done Is show them , “No way out” !

Confusion erases All of the places

Marked down as home In life there are none !

Another one seeks

Higher the stakes

Dungeons were made

For he who dares speaks

Running all the way If it were up to me I’d show all

The darkest of secrets

Would then be “No More” !

But how can you show to those who are blind

When all that they want Is gold dig & find

It lies in the heart If it can be kind

To touch another’s

Open up wide !

I still hear the voice “Contradiction shows life” yet there’s still a choice

I see in your eyes


I chose the sky

To embrace the stars


I chose humanity

Because its ours


I chose the clouds

To give us rain


I chose the tears

To ease my pain


I chose the mountains

For their height


I chose the dark

To show the light


I chose the sea

Behold the waves


I chose time

To grow in age


I chose the earth

As my grave


The heavens

As my home & place


But I chose you above all

For all the love in my heart

Is for Allah


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