۩˙·٠• RAMADAN KAREEM •٠·˙۩

Most probably tomorrow is the 1st day of Ramadan, the 9th month of the Hijri year of the Muslim calender.


Starting tomorrow Muslims all around the world will start fasting from sunrise till sunset in complete unison. Fasting or Sawm Ramadan  is one of two practices Muslims are united in doing once  every year along with Haj but whereas fasting in Ramadan is obligatory every year, Haj is a once per life obligation.


There are two lessons behind sawm

The first is for the body the deprivation of food & water makes people feel closer to the poor who can’t find food to  eat or something to drink.

The second is a spiritual one where you stop sinning all month long “Sawm 3n Al Ma3asy” & beg for forgiveness for past committed sins.

Its also a month of benevolence & charity

A month of forgiving & making amends with others

A month of visiting others & eating Iftar with family & friends

Most of my friends & family lives outside of Egypt & they all agreed that there really isn’t any Ramadan like Ramadan here in Egypt 🙂


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