The Magic of Moments

What if all of our Dreams were messed up by

Those who make us wanna die

Even a moment passin by

Will lead us to love if we only try

Even if Miracles don’t exist

We have the chance

May we not Miss

All of the dreams we have today

This is only you longing to be me

Over the edge of desire Despair

There is nothing to love if we don’t wanna care

Evidently all Emotions denied

Take us far beyond hope to another life

Is this the reason I want you today?

Nothing seems to be the way it was

Was I meant to live in endless loss

Were they hopes & dreams

Or something much much more it seems

Evidence of all illusions denied

All refused in the light of nothing but , HOW?

We are the Momentary ones

We are the ones to end this throughout Time

The Tyranny of those who make us Cry

Under an endless rain full sky

Is this the meaning of being alive?

To feel that you’ve lost

Just to win one day

Is this the moment we’re waiting for ?

Just a minute in time when we feel like we’re more

Is this another world for us?

Feeling endless possibilities that lead us to eternal trust

Is this the meaning of being Alive?

Just one moment for you with me

Would it ever be what you say?

Being the one with the purest heart today

Is this the Magic of Moments denied ?

Just for you to be here with me


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