Impossible to Comprehend

Its not about comedy
Not about laughing your head off to some stupid sitcom
Not about forgetting all your troubles

Its about the struggles

Its not about the guy who wins the gold medal
The knight in shinning Armour that saves the princes

Its about the journey

Its not about movie stars with their handsome faces, perfect bodies & charming smiles

Its about the average Joe

Its about me & you



Its not about what we feel deep inside
Being branded as the things we hate most
In our lives

Its not about what we see passing by
The train we missed
As we bid farewell to the one we love
On that day

*”The chance we missed
To bid farewell
To the one we lost
On that day”*

Its not this way
Its not this way
The way I see it is
The difference is whatever we might miss

Its not the anger nor frustration
Shocking leading to realization
I dream of you each day

But then I go & change again

Impossible to comprehend


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