Do you really fear for yourself?

Selfishness is lifelessness

& The tears in your eyes , they’re just a bliss

You’re holding on to what makes you scream & cry

Yes, This is being ALIVE

Do you fear me?

Do you fear fear or just reality?

Is it only just a way?

To express yourself if only for a day

Loneliness may unravel all those insane

Standing on the shore of time

Its waves crash over me

The silent & desirable disdain

Hidden among what we have

There’s another purpose for pain

Dare shoot down the stars in the sky

There’s another you for me

Do you really fear for yourself?

Or all you might become

If they keep you on the run

Even if its only just for fun

Do you really fear for yourself?

Your dreams , your life

It seems that love is just a scheme

We know that yet we still seek

Nothing here can heal the wounds so deep

Whatever makes us wanna be

The one you want is the one you see

Its just the world beyond this that I wanna reach

Do You Really Fear For your


Is this the wonder of all?

Is this the way?

What if life were just another SENSELESS LIE?

So why’d we bother to be alive?

Tell me why?


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