Human Heart

It hurts like Hell

Its happening once again
Like it now less than I liked it then
Made out of the wind
Had my heart melt of steel
& Buried deep within
Ruled over supreme
With an iron fist
I crushed many dreams
Hole in your head
Hole in your heart
Don’t even know where I should start
Life was a scheme
Love was a dream
Shall it ever be what it seems
Here I am
For the love of God
Shall they never understand?
Born to believe
Born to receive the utmost deceit

Had my Power & Might
Taken away
Traded them to be just like thee

All, All for a Human Heart

Fell in a darkness unknown to me
Just to wake up cold & hungry
Something new don’t tell me
Is this how they feel every day?
Tortured & burned they take the hurt
Is this the struggle to make it all worth?
They live like this every day
Reduced to something less humanly
Where is your strength?

Pitiful creatures “Go walk the length”
The spineless cowards left their own
Deserted them to die all alone
Normally I would’ve let them be
But fate played its game
Now its up to me

Had my Power & Might
Taken away
Traded them to be just like thee

There is no here
Nothing is clear
Smoke in the air mixed with the fear
Chaos & mayhem seem to rule
To embark such ground you’d be a fool
Never had I felt like this before
Even in the midst of the flames of war
Why was she there?
Perhaps defending something dear
But what would she hold more dear than life?
To give up her own , to sacrifice?
Her eyes glowed one final glow
Taking her to a better place I might never know
Hence from my eyes something fell
Is this what they call tears?
I could never tell

Had my Power & Might
Taken away
Traded them to be just like thee

Captured & bruised I have been used
Of high treason we are accused
Sold out by the ones I fought for
Treason seems to be a trend of war
Loath, No trust, I hate their guts
They sold their hearts
& Earned my disgust
Kneel he’d say
A tyrant even worse than me
I look in his eyes & all I see
Is emptiness had I been this way?
Take me from here I shall not be
Tortured by a memory
lock me away & throw the key
Never shall I see the light of day

Had everything taken away
Traded them to be just like thee
All For A Human Heart

All For A Human Heart


The Rage

You feel all alone on a stage

You feel like a bird locked in a cage

You’re life’s a picture closed ina page

The Rage

You feel you’re standing still as you’re growing in age

You know you’re blowing up

As you feel the rage

You’re all alone

They’re hearts are stone

Like a bird locked in a cage

Life’s a picture closed in a page

The Rage

It’ll grow inside you

Eventually blind you

The rage

You may have grown in age

But that doesn’t matter

Cause you can still feel

The Rage

The Other

So what is this ultra boring guy gonna yip yap about this time ?

The Other? What other?

I got it you mean my significant other?

Sorry but no such luck thats not today’s topic

What I meant was a total reflection of who you are .I believe every human being has the potentiality for great good but within the dark corners of his mind there lies great evil.

Just look at the net, the newspapers , ..etc. There is some unbelievable stuff in there, kids killing their parents, parents drowning their kids..etc. When did this happen? What triggered this?  & we’ve even reached the level where we accept all this as normal news.

Serial killers, mass murderers …etc  they’re people just like me & you. Born human, raised human yet somewhere along the road they deviated to become twisted to an extent where they no longer recognize right from left.

Scary as it may seem this possibility lies in each & every one of us. Ticking like a time bomb , biding its time deep inside, waiting for the right time to unleash our darkness on an unsuspecting world.

But whats the catalyst? I mean nobody goes from the image of perfect sanity to Ted Bundy overnight its so common now they have analysis, categories,..etc. Its a science now people & its ugly.

I think  it all comes down to overcoming ones inner demons, We all often look in the mirror & see that wicked version staring back at us tempting us  to give him the leash , let him in control & he’ll make it alright , make all the pain go away but you know he doesn’t, he only ever makes it worse .

The mind is a powerful weapon, a broken mind more so in all the wrong ways.

The wounds that hurt the most are rarely seen by the eye.

Sometimes  all it takes to save someone is a smile & a kind word.

I’ll try to be a better me for you, so promise you’ll try too.

Last but not least

Remember that everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something and has lost something. ~H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Gattaca ( Discrimination & Potentiality)

Gattaca ? Whats a Gattaca?

If I’d asked an elderly Egyptian he’d probably just tell me “Gattaca Neeela” which I consider untranslatable πŸ™‚

If you’re still wondering what Gattaca really is (& you haven’t googled it yet ) , its the name of one of my favorite movies. If you haven’t seen it go watch it, yeah now, yeah cho go go go. The soundtrack alone makes it worth the watch.

So you’ve watched the movie ? if you haven’t I’m still goin on without ya.

Who can tell us what we can do? What we’re capable of achieving? Who knows our true limitations?

Is there really a way to measure potentiality? In a materialistic world where everything is measured & verified by numbers do these numbers really tell  who I am? What I’m capable of?

Is everything predetermined? Do my looks, race, age, heritage..etc really have the last saying?

Eyesight .., blood type .. , skin color  ..etc. Some people are just born gifted or more/less fortunate than others. That is a fact but not being a genius doesn’t mean that you’re useless, it doesn’t mean you should throw the towel.

It only means you’re gonna have to take the long road to reach where you wanna go.

I believe that hard work can overcome genius “Where there’s a Will there’s a Way”, All you have to do is carve that way even if its through a mountain.

Don’t compare yourself with anybody, don’t get distracted & look around just look straight ahead, decide where you wanna be & take that first step (believe me its the hardest).

But  its worth it, Accomplishing what you set your mind on makes it all worth while πŸ™‚

I’ve lived years with this written  on my wall:

“In your need to lead go ahead & proceed.

Indeed you’ll bleed but in the end you will succeed”

So are you ready to bleed?

The Fast Forward Button

Today is the 6th day of Ramadan so this brings the end to the 1st week of Ramadan.
Yet I just can’t shake off the notion that Ramadan just started yesterday.

What keeps coming to my mind is our old video cassette.
It used to have a fast forward button that would sometimes hang which would lead us to either skip the part/episode we wanted to watch or sometimes when the button was stuck we’d end up watching the entire thing in fast forward (which was actually hilarious) :P.

Which is exactly how I feel right now, normally I feel like I ‘m faster than my surroundings but this is quite ridiculous. I think I’m having a hard time taking my breath πŸ™‚

Work, sleep, Iftar, prayer, sleep, work. A vicious cycle that seems downright unbreakable.

Quite frankly I don’t wanna skip through Ramadan.

So if anybody knows how to return it to normal “Play” mode, kindly advise πŸ˜€

For the love of God

My Heart is pure
My Goal is clear
And through my soul
I sense no fear
The doubt is gone
Replaced by light
And here I am
Prepared to Fight
For the Love of God

I would sacrifice everything
For his love to place
I’d fight the war
Lost here on earth
To reach heaven & be re- birthed
Jump willingly in a pit of Hell
Struggle with Satan
For he I would kill
Then the war goes on
In mind & soul
But then my heart would over rule
For the love of God
I’d face the world
Abandon all
Build in my heart a higher wall
Deny myself for a greater cause
For the love of God
I’d leave behind all my kind
Those whose hearts are stone
And Souls are blind
To leave the love & chose the lust
Condemning themselves to eternal loss
For the love of God
Memories in my mind

I shall erase

Putting his holy words in its place
I look behind
At my previous life
Pray for God to forgive all of mankind
For the love of God
Religious you be or not
Dare I say
Even the worse of us have those who portrait
A picture so beautiful of decent denial
To sacrifice himself for love to prevail
I would sacrifice
For the love of God
Nothing can replace
The love of God
I long for the love of God
To pray everyday a lot
I know I may never see thou art
Yet I tremble from that thought

The Choice

There are alot of things in life we don’t get to chose
Our parents, names, shapes,…etc
But the things that we do chose
Are the things that truly define us
Whether they are right or wrong
So chose wisely


You cruise all day

Thinking its ok

There’s still some time To have some fun

We see all the waves

Rising in the seas

Before they’re gone

Waking one day

Discovering this life Is surely done

Whats left is a day May be even less

If you don’t run !

Jump on you feet

Explore your own fate

The smiles & laughs don’t count

The tears on your face

The sorrow embraced

With a tender hug

Emotions that rise high above tides

The gentle that care

The warmth in your heart

The wounds they must hurt

As you scream & shout !

Whats hidden inside

Out in the light Feared & forsaken

Loved but not taken

Driving insane

Calm take the pain !

As I hear a voice

Contradiction shows life

We Rejoice yet all along

There’s a choice !

Where is the road?

If its paved with doubt

Then all that we’ve done Is show them , “No way out” !

Confusion erases All of the places

Marked down as home In life there are none !

Another one seeks

Higher the stakes

Dungeons were made

For he who dares speaks

Running all the way If it were up to me I’d show all

The darkest of secrets

Would then be “No More” !

But how can you show to those who are blind

When all that they want Is gold dig & find

It lies in the heart If it can be kind

To touch another’s

Open up wide !

I still hear the voice “Contradiction shows life” yet there’s still a choice

I see in your eyes


I chose the sky

To embrace the stars


I chose humanity

Because its ours


I chose the clouds

To give us rain


I chose the tears

To ease my pain


I chose the mountains

For their height


I chose the dark

To show the light


I chose the sea

Behold the waves


I chose time

To grow in age


I chose the earth

As my grave


The heavens

As my home & place


But I chose you above all

For all the love in my heart

Is for Allah